Mercedes-Benz EQ Service

Mercedes-Benz constantly strives to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction and ensures that our customers always have the best-in-class experience with our products and services. 


Prior to launching new models in the market, Mercedes-Benz undertakes extensive preparation to ensure the local market conditions are suitable for the vehicle introduction. In addition, the employees of Mercedes-Benz Egypt (“MBEg”) and its Authorized Dealers must receive extensive training on the technology and special tools required to repair EQ models. As such, Mercedes-Benz EQ models are yet to be introduced in Egypt, therefore, MBEg. Authorized Dealers’ service centers do not offer EQ vehicle services for the time being. 

Upon The EQ model range introduction at MBEg Authorized Dealerships, the vehicles will have an extended warranty against manufacturing defects of the High Voltage battery, called “Battery Certificate of Mercedes-Benz Egypt”. According to the terms and conditions of this certificate issued by Mercedes-Benz Egypt, the High Voltage battery of EQ vehicles will be covered by an extended warranty against manufacturing defects for a period of 8-10 years depending on the EQ model type & the vehicle millage*. More details to follow with specific model introduction. 


You can trust that we will continue to do everything we can to continuously enhance the quality of our vehicles & services. 

*This disclaimer is valid at the time of publication where further terms and conditions apply. There may be changes in the clauses mentioned above due to internal or external developments and we hold no liability for any discrepancies arising from the same.