Lifestyle Collection

Iconic statements. Elegant details.

Iconic statements. Elegant details.

When you choose Mercedes-Benz, you truly appreciate unparalleled quality. Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Collection items are crafted to effortlessly complement you and your taste for nothing but the best. Leading the way in design and technology, our lifestyle collection follows the same impeccable standards as everything else that carries the star of excellence.

Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Collection & Accessories Highlights

Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Collection & Accessories Highlights

Mercedes-Benz watches

Elaborately designed and crafted with utmost care and dedication, our exclusive Mercedes-Benz watches are manufactured with exceptional finesse and craftsmanship. Built by the world’s most renowned watchmakers, our watches radiate innovation and sportiness.

Mercedes-Benz Miniatures

Assembled with the same attention to detail as their real-life counter parts, our exquisite Mercedes-Benz Miniatures are every collector’s treasured possession. Choose from an alluring range of 350 models in a variety of colors and scales.

Mercedes-Benz weaves

Designed and crafted using only the highest quality materials, Mercedes-Benz weaves its rich heritage into everything, keeping our promise to always deliver style that is timeless and unique.

Mercedes-Benz signature

Perfection is the Mercedes-Benz signature and when it comes to design, it is our defining attribute. Our remarkable range of key rings with the iconic lettering stands out and is distinctly Mercedes-Benz.