Mercedes-Benz Genuine Batteries

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Batteries combine the finest materials with the latest technology, so you can expect solid performance and value for money from your Mercedes-Benz car battery. Your car battery supplies constant power to all of the electrical systems in your car, even when it’s not running. Many of your car’s safety features, such as airbags and traction control, rely on the car’s battery too, so a working battery is vital.

Why should you only use Mercedes-Benz genuine batteries?

They are more reliable because ...

They have larger reserves of starting power.

They last longer because …

Mercedes-Benz genuine batteries only use the highest quality materials and latest technology.

They perform better because …

Their specification perfectly matches to the increasing demands of your vehicle’s electrical systems.

Description Suitable for the car module Made in Sales Price with VAT Campaign Price with VAT Advantage %
Battery 62Ah Ca-Ag 204-168-169-203-245 Spain 3.267 1.960 -40%
Battery 74Ah Ca-Ag 204-202-169-245-208-211-203 Spain 3.601 2.701 -25%
Battery 84Ah Ca-Ag 204-212 Germany 4.103 3.282 -20%
Battery 100Ah Ca-Ag 221-211 Spain 4.559 3.419 -25%
Battery 60Ah AGM 205-117-246-176-205-213 Germany 3.875 3.100 -20%
Battery 70Ah AGM 205-213-177-117-212-222-156 Germany 4.217 3.373 -20%
Battery 80Ah AGM 205-213-177-117-212-222-156 Germany 5.072 4.057 -20%
Battery 92Ah AGM 213-212-222-221 Germany 5.585 4.468 -20%


Ask about the high performance AGM batteries for vehicles with start/stop systems and regenerative braking.

Special prices valid from 01-02-2022 - 31-03-2022, according to stock availability.

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