1901: the start of the Mercedes era. The first Mercedes.

1903: victory at the Gordon Bennett Motor Race. Victory with just 60 hp.

1908: multiple success in the French Grand Prix. Establishing an elite position.

1911: 200 hp "Lightning Benz" racing car. The pursuit of new records.

1914: winning the French Grand Prix. Triple victory.

1927: 76 victories. The White Elephants.

1934: the Silver Arrow legend. The birth.

1937: German and European Championship. The Silver Arrows' victories.

1938: the 3-Litre Formula. The W 154 wins in Libya.

1939: the 1.5-litre racing cars. Double victory in Tripoli.

1952: triumph of the "Gullwing". Carrera Panamericana victory.

1954: return to Formula 1 and the World Championship. The spectacular comeback.

1955: victory in the Mille Miglia. Unbeatable to this day.

1978: the South America Rally. Victorious outing.

1989: the C9 racing sports car. Success with Sauber.

1992: a highly successful year in DTM. Simply unbeatable.

1994: the Indy 500. Victory overseas.

1995: the C-Class in the DTM. Continued success.

1997: FIA-GT Championship. Victories for drivers and brand.

1998: Formula 1. The return of the Silver Arrows.

2000: the DTM comeback. First victory in first series.

2008: Lewis Hamilton. Youngest world champion.

2010: furious finale in the DTM. Triple victory for Mercedes-Benz

2015: Title victory in Formula One and DTM.