1834: Gottlieb Daimler "Good execution is the main point"

1844: Carl Benz "Love of invention will never die"

1846: Wilhelm Maybach. The king of constructors.

1882: engine development. The experimental workshop in Cannstatt

1883: Benz & Cie. The first steps.

1884: The "Grandfather Clock" engine. The first contemporary engine.

1885: the Daimler "riding car". The world’s first motorcycle.

1886: Benz Patent Motor Car. The world’s first automobile.

1888: Bertha Benz. The maiden long-distance journey.

1895: Benz patent motorised bus. The first bus with petrol engine.

1896: Daimler 4 hp truck. The world’s first truck.

1901: The first Mercedes. The first modern automobile.

1909: the three-pointed star on all roads. From the three-pointed star to the Mercedes star.

1926: Daimler-Benz AG. The merger.