On the road to emission-free mobility

Visionary and luxurious: the F125!

The road from today to tomorrow

The F125! represents a milestone on the road to an emission-free future and builds on the legacy of a concept from 1994. NECAR1, a huge van with a fuel cell stack in the load area, was the first step of many. Now there are more than 100 B-Class F-CELL vehicles, attesting to the day-to-day suitability of fuel cell vehicles. In the not too distant future, the F125! vision could become a reality. In the meantime, we continue to drive forward the development of all types of drive systems:

  • Optimisation of internal combustion engines courtesy of BlueEFFICIENCY, BlueDIRECT, BlueTEC and NGT
  • More efficient HYBRID technology with BlueTEC HYBRID and plug-in HYBRID
  • Local emission-free driving with F-CELL, E-CELL and E-CELL PLUS