Safety – at the heart of all our thinking.

The Integral Safety Concept from Mercedes-Benz divides vehicle safety into four phases:

Phase 1: safe driving.

Phase 2: in critical situations.

Phase 3: in an accident.

Phase 4: after an accident.

To reduce consequential damage after an accident and support the work of the rescue services, a number of different actions are initiated, depending on the type and severity of the impact registered by the system:

  • Eye-catching lighting: The hazard warning lights and interior emergency lighting can be automatically activated, to prevent secondary accidents and make it easier for rescue teams to find the vehicle involved in the accident.
  • Automatic venting: If an airbag is deployed, the power windows are lowered automatically.
  • Best possible protection: The engine can be turned off automatically and the fuel supply can be cut off.
  • Better rescue possibilities: Crash joints between the wing and the door can make opening the doors after a frontal collision easier.
  • Easy opening: After an accident the doors can be unlocked automatically to make it easier for the occupants or rescue workers to open them.
  • Helpful connection: in the event of an accident or breakdown, the Mercedes-Benz emergency call system (in conjunction with a connected mobile phone) can automatically contact an emergency call centre.
  • Every second counts when it comes to occupant rescue after an accident. That's why Daimler has devised the rescue sticker, a small but effective innovation that gives emergency services immediate access to safety-relevant vehicle-specific design details at the scene of the accident. The QR code stickers are affixed to the vehicle's fuel tank cap and the B-pillar on the opposite side. They can easily be retrofitted and are part of the series specification for all new vehicles. In an emergency, rescue services personnel can scan the QR code with a smartphone or tablet PC to rapidly and reliably access the appropriate rescue card, which will assist them in their work.[1]

[1] Requirement: an active Internet connection.