Protection classes – an individual solution for any standard

The Mercedes-Benz Guard has tailor-made solutions for the most diverse protection requirements at two distinct protection levels. Our vehicles are certified according to the applicable BRV (BRV 1999 and BRV 2009). Mercedes-Benz Guard offers the following protection classes: high protection (VR1 to VR4) and highest protection (VR5 to VR9).

High protection: Vehicles conforming to European protection level VR4 can resist large-calibre handgun fire and protect occupants, for instance, against the violence of street robbers, which is on the increase.

Highest protection : Resistance class VR6 to VR9 cars provide an effective defence against the threat of terrorist attacks. Their armour is designed to withstand projectiles from military weapons that travel twice as fast as bullets fired from a revolver. In addition they provide a defence against shrapnel from hand grenades and other explosives.

The G-Guard and the S-Guard offer extensive, above-standard protection in the transparent areas in line with ballistic protection levels 9 and 10.

    VR = Vehicle Resistance

    BRV = Bullet Resistant Vehicle (Directive for the testing and certification of bulletproof vehicles)


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