Paintwork and upholstery combinations. Your true colour

Non-metallic paints

Arctic white 9147

Pebble grey 7701

Hibiscus red 3967

Velvet red 3583

Aqua green 6830

Atlantis blue 5373

Metallic paint (optional)

Brilliant silver ME 9744

Cubanite silver ME 9723

Flint grey ME 7368

Sanidine beige ME 1798

Dolomite brown ME 8526

Jasper blue ME 5345

Obsidian black ME 9197

[1] The Viano AVANTGARDE is not available with non-metallic paint finishes.

[2] Metallic paint finishes are available as an option.

[3] The Viano in the AVANTGARDE equipment line is expected to be available from 1 January 2012. The Viano AVANTGARDE is currently exclusively available in the colours of obsidian black and brilliant silver. From 03/2012 all metallic paint finishes will be available for the Viano AVANTGARDE.

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